IT’S CHRISTMAS DAY! Should we celebrate?

It is true that celebrating the Christmas Day is not biblical. Christmas, however, is a form of celebration being created by men to celebrate the birth of Christ.  There’s nothing wrong with it. It is just like assigning a special day (holiday) for us to commemorate  famous people such us Jose Rizal, the Philippines National Hero. Not to mention the celebration of New Year’s Eve, even our own “birthday’ are not in the bible, right?

If Iglesia Ni Kristo (Church of Church), claims that they are “purely bible based” (?) religion, so why they have to celebrate their anniversary or IGLESIA NI KRISTO DAY? And, why these members of Manalo’s flock were participating the celebration of New Years’ Eve? And why they also celebrating their birthdays?

And, how could they explain these pictures?

You can see the SPECK on your friends eye. BUT YOU DON’T NOTICE the log in your OWN EYE” (Matthew 7:2 CEV)


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7 Responses to IT’S CHRISTMAS DAY! Should we celebrate?

  1. anonymous says:

    walang kwentang blogger!!!!!

      • God Bless says:

        The truth can hurt, Reynaldo. After reading some of your blogs, it’s quite obvious that this verse applies to you:

        “always learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth”
        -II Timothy 3:7

        Open your heart and mind to the truth.

  2. Pat says:

    So kuya. Pag ako nagpa picture sa magandang Christmas Tree sa Mall of Asia. So it means n nag c-celebrate n ako ng christmas? ganun po ba? khit hindi ako katoliko

  3. Pat says:

    at tsaka kuya…. Anniversary po yung dinaluhan nila. hindi po pasko… Nabasa ko lng po ksi dba po sabi. Dinaluhan nila ang “Anibersaryo ng kasal”…. Hindi po “Dinaluhan nila ang pagdiriwang ng pasko”

    P.s Neutral po ako. na observe ko lng po kc na prang tagilid kayo masyado XD

  4. Pat says:

    At tska po…. dun po sa may Pasasalamat ng ika-25 ng disyembre.

    Nakalagay po dun na. “gaganaping pagdiriwang ukol sa Pagpapasalamat sa ika 5 taong buhay ng Iglesia ni kristo sa pilipinas”

    Malinaw nman po na pagpapasalamat daw po nila ang idiriwang hindi po pasko ksi dba pag pasko may christmas tree, may parol may hamon ahahhah dba… So pag Dec 25 pasko lng ba ang pedeng ipagdiwang?

    eh panu po yung mga hindi katoliko na walang pasko na dec 25 pinanganak. So automatic na po
    bang pag nag celebrate cla ng bday nila, nag cecelebrate din cla ng pasko?

  5. God Bless says:

    Where in the bible can you find “December 25”? I promise you that you cannot. Christmas is a man-made Holiday. December 25 was selected bc it was the Dies Natalis Solis Invicti (Birthday of the Unconquered Sun).

    Have fun celebrating the birthday of the Sun God, not Son of God.

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